Indian IT Professionals Presenting a unique, holistic, piloted, validated, sustainable ICT farming solution...


Mission IT-Rural

‘Farmers at Madanapalli (Andhra Pradesh), throwing Tomatoes on road due to price crash in market’- A first page news on media (Year 2000).

Team of IT professionals, led by Thiruchelvam Ramu, believed that with the immense potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), by appropriately utilizing it, farming crisis will be solved. The mission is named ‘IT-Rural’.

The team analysed, developed, piloted and validated the holistic, unique, sustainable solution that leads to better quality; increasing yield; enhancing price realization for farmers; balanced production for food security and price control; facilitating farm labour & machinery contracts and strengthening institutional farm credit system.




'India lives in villages. If villages perish India will also perish'
- Mahatma Gandhi
Responding to the warning with the holistic ICT farming solution

proof of concept


Two years of successful implementation. Appraised as a proven solution by collective wisdom of the Government.

media coverage


Media Coverage : We salute media for providing the unprecedented support…

what next


Launching first of its kind Digital Village. Humble contribution to Digital India Mission