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Proposed System | Uniqueness
Undeniably, crisis of rural sector gets a new dimension other than worrying just as problems of villagers as it has been emerging as a serious threat to Global Food Security & Safety, Peace and Environment.

The following issues of the present system prolong the process of empowerment of Rural Sector:
  • Knowledge Gap

  • Credit Gap

  • Logistical Constraints

  • Marketing Gap

  • Administrative Constraints / Limitations

  • Facility Gap

  • Literacy Level

  • Limited alternative Livelihoods

  • Man-driven, isolated approaches
Information and Communication Technology is the power tool that has been playing the instrumental role in the process of industrial revolution. The same technology has got the potential to bailout rural sector but definitely by means of adjusting it to the shape of rural sector, particularly farming lifecycle since the parameters are highly variables.

The success of ICT initiatives (kiosks based) directly depends on the following critical factors: who is the owner of the kiosk (Franchiser- Franchise Model or Employer- Employee Model)?; In the village, from where the kiosk would be functioning (local man’s house or government place)?; List of deliverables and how many of those help the villagers to increase their earnings); Cost of deliveries; the balance between service and business; a kiosk to cover how many villages...etc.

Though the awareness/experiments of the domain 'ICT for Rural Development' spreads across the world, the constraints in following major components namely Capacity Building (particularly implementation mode), Connectivity, Content development (list of deliverable), Commercials (cost of delivery for sustainability), Current (electricity) & Coordination (among stakeholders) and financial, social & geographical barriers of villagers to avail the benefits of ICT,results an undue delay in providing the much needed technological breakthrough to rural sector.

The big threat is that many failures in the attempts would create a doubt among villagers about this wonderful technology.

So, the need of the hour is to showcase an ICT model at larger level for an effective and efficient rural transformation that overcomes the constraints/ limitations of the present system in such a way to encourage and motivate the rest to follow.
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