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The crisis in rural sector, particularly in poor and developing countries, has been alarmingly growing as the major threat to global peace, food security and warming. Being one of the global leaders in IT, it is the responsibility of India to provide THE robust ‘ICT for RD’ solution to serve  rural sector beyond India.

Transformation of rural sector is neither a charity activity nor a business opportunity. It is a mixing of both hence a complicated process which needs thorough domain knowledge, commitment and passion to produce the desired outcome.

We are very much confident that our proposed model would significantly assist the global mission of upliftment of rural sector in quick time. Our immediate step is to successfully implement the proposed model in at least three districts of the country in such a way to encourage and motivate the rest to follow.

Let us connect our minds to save rural sector… not just to help the villagers but also for us too…

R Kothandaraman
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