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Media Coverage

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Media/ Agency Date Title URL
The New Indian Express 05, Feb, 2005 IT Sows Seeds Of Change, Reaches Grassroot Level
The New Indian Express 13, Jun, 2005 NGO Chalk-out 100 day News- Literacy Programme
The Hindu Business Line 29, Nov, 2005 AP Mosambi finds space in Singapore retail shelf
Nasscom Foundation Nov, 2006 Rural Knowledge Network
Civil Society Feb, 2007 Business Beyond Profit
The Financial Express Feb, 24, 2007 Grassroots problems, web-enabled solutions
I.T Magazine Apr, 2007 Helping Rural India Ride The IT Wave - a FAO of UN based Organization 13, Jul, 2010 A foot pilgrimage in the domain of ICT4Agriculture
The Hindu 26, Apr, 2012 Government needs to harness IT for innovative agriculture
The Hindu 18, Sep, 2012 ITAP caught in red tape
The Hindu (Tamil) 22, Jul, 2014 Television there but no weighing machine
Deccan Chronicle 17, Nov, 2015 ICT solution to solve farmers’ woes
Yours Story (Tamil) 03 Apr 2016 Excess of production & losses: Solution from IT Professionals
The Hindu (Tamil) 09 Apr 2016 Tomato price crash: Can’t it be stopped?
The Hindu 10 May 2016 IT solution for farmers’ woes
Deccan Chronicle 04 Jul 2016 Tomato, onion prices can be stable: Expert
Dinamani 24 Feb 2017 Farming Solution- Open letter to PM Ji- TN IT Professionals
Kungumam. Tamil Weekly 31 Mar 2017 ICT will solve farming crisis- IT professionals
The Hindu (Tamil) 13 Apr 2017 Technology can save farmers
Dinamani 20 Apr 2017 Open Letter Mr. Ayyakkanu
Dinamani 26 May 2017 IT professionals’ request to Rajnikanth for discussing farming crisis and solution
The Hindu (Tamil) 20 June 2017 Crop Loan Problems- What is the permanent solution?
Dinamani 25 July 2017 Farmers Association Leader Welcome IT Professionals Solution
The Hindu (Tamil) 18 Aug 2017 Information & Communication Technology Based planning is the immediate requirement of farming
The Hindu 22 Nov 2017 ICT-based solution to farmers’ problems (Press meet Coverage)
DTNext (Daily Thanthi- English) 22 Nov 2018 Engineer’s all-in-one model to resolve problems of farmers
Dinamani 20 Feb 2018 IT professionals challenging the Kamal Hasan on Farming Solution
Dinamani 08 Mar 2018 Important problem waiting for your kind action. Special letter to Sri H Raja

Visual Media Coverage

Tv9 2005 A TV interview in 2005...Indian IT sector capable of solving farming crisis...
Video summary of Pilot Project 2004-2006 Video summary of Pilot Project
Cauvery Tv 20017 Farming issues- live debate 06 Nov 2017 Appeal to nation to roll out the hlistic solution
Press Meet- Madurai 21 Nov 2017 Decalring the farming solution on the date Parliament faced farmers protest
Cauvery Tv Dec 2017 Farming issues- live debate
India Glitz 01 Mar 2018 IT professionals challenging Kamal Hasan on his Harward speech on Indian farming

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