Indian IT Professionals Presenting a unique, holistic, piloted, validated, sustainable ICT farming solution...

Proof of Concept

Pilot Project


Pulivendla Mandal | Kadapa District | Andhra Pradesh | India


  • 30 Villages
  • 12 Panchayats
  • 40,000 Peoples
  • 20,000 acres of agricultural land


11 Information & Process Management Centres

ONE Mandal (Block) level office

Team Size

11 System operators, 11 System assistants

One Scientist, One Rural Expert, Six software engineers, One Project Coordinator and volunteer wing (comprised with students and teaching professionals)


  • Following parameters have been tested successfully
    • Awareness, brainstorming and motivation programmes to villagers
    • Comprehensive four-dimensional relational database of villagers (village, personal, professional, environmental)
    • A dynamic, automated knowledge bank for site pacific lab-field extension
    • Input supply management
    • Disease control
    • Direct marketing (Mandy, Retail chain and Export)
    • Welfare schemes
    • Event management
    • Shaping rural youth

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