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Present System | Proposed System
  • Self realized efforts of IT Professionals having 8+ years of progressive track record

  • 'earning cum facility' oriented approach

  • Employer - Employee model on Public Private Partnership Mode (not a franchise one and infrastructure owned by government hence no social barrier for villagers to avail these services)

  • Knowledge oriented services at no cost to farmers and it is a subscription free too hence no financial barrier to avail knowledge

  • Establishes kioskd in all Panchayats of the district irrespective of revenue potential of villages hence no geographical barrier to reach the kiosks

  • The model does not buy or sell anything on its own. It simply facilitate the buyers and sellers to do business transactions. It would provide the logistical support to organize the procurement process on collective deal basis (input materials as well as farm produces).

  • ICT-enabled complete lifecycle process management (From planning to marketing)

  • One hour free computer literacy to village children

  • Self-sustainable (agri-focussed, collective deal based semi-automated e-com model)

  • This model helps government to effectively and efficiently manage the key components of agricultural sector such as better quality & yield, better price realization to farmers, balanced production for food security & steady price and strengthening institutional credit system

  • ICT driven model hence easily replicable

  • All genuine stakeholders of rural sector get benefits

  • Providing direct employment opportunity to educated village youngsters (two persons per Panchayat)

  • Successful 18 months of pilot implementation (self-funded)
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